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LucilleTower USGS-NPN.JPG Millionth observation: National Phenology Network Last Updated on 2012-05-03 00:00:00 Citizen-scientists around the country helped the USA National Phenology Network hit a major milestone this week by reaching its one millionth nature observation. Citizens Have Contributed One Million Observations to Top Nature Database The millionth observation was done by Lucille Tower, a citizen-scientist in Portland, Ore., who entered a record about seeing maple vines flowering. Her data, like all of the entries, came in through USA-NPN’s online observation program, Nature's Notebook, which engages more than 4,000 volunteers across the country to observe and record phenology – the timing of the recurring life events of plants and animals such as when cherry trees orlilacsblossom, when robins build their nests, when salmon swim upstream to spawn or when leaves turn colors in the fall. See the earlier Encyclopedia of... More »
Global Temperature 325px ESA.jpg You: Tracking the Planet's Pulse Last Updated on 2012-04-03 00:00:00 Changes in phenology are among the most sensitive biological indicators of global change. Across the world, many springtime events are occurring earlier — and fall events happening later — than in the past. Join Citizens and Scientists Tracking the Pulse of Our Planet The U.S. Geological Survey says Nature’s Notebook needs you to get outside this spring, join many other observers across the nation, and help it reach its millionth observation of plant and animal life events. Countdown to One Million Observations: 924,457 We are nearing the millionth observation record in our database. Click Here: Help us get there! See Article on the Millionth... More »