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Name: Sjaak Slanina
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Prof. Dr. Sjaak Slanina held a position at the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation as head of the environmental research department and as senior research scientist in atmospheric chemistry and air pollution. He had over 30 years experience in atmospheric science with emphasis on deposition and aerosol research and instrument development and analytical techniques. He worked as part-time full professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University, The Netherlands until 2005 and was a Professor at Peking University, P.R China and Guest Professor at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Brazil. He acted as PI of many Dutch and European projects. His last work was involved with the chemical characterization of aerosols, local and regional air pollution and the very specific aspects of atmospheric chemistry under Chinese conditions.

Dr. Slanina passed away 28 March 2009. More information can be found at