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Published: June 23, 2010, 4:05 pm
Updated:December 21, 2011, 9:10 am
Author: Ida Kubiszewski
Topic Editor: Peter Saundry

Free and Open Content Sources

Free and open content sources are organizations which allow the harvesting of their content with appropriate acknowledgements. The typical example here is a government agency whose work rests fully in the public domain, such as many federal government publications. Other examples include non-profit and educational organizations whose copyright allows free use for educational and non-commercial purposes. In most cases, such material is published verbatim from the organization, with some editing for style and length to make the entry consistent with Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE) guidelines. Remaining consistent with the EoE governance guidelines, once the entry is up on the EoE, Authors (Content Source Index) may then add to or edit that material. Every entry from a Content Source is assigned to, and must be approved by, at least one Topic Editor.

Every article from a Content Source carries this disclaimer:

This article is taken wholly from, or contains information that was originally published by, [Insert Source]. Topic editors and authors for the Encyclopedia of Earth may have edited its content or added new information. The use of information from the should not be construed as support for or endorsement by that organization for any new information added by EoE personnel, or for any editing of the original content.
ATSDR.html File:ATSDR.jpg
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (Articles (Content Source Index))
NIEHS.html NIEHS logo.gif.jpeg
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (Articles (Content Source Index) 2)
ANL.html Argonne logo.jpg.jpeg
Argonne National Laboratory (Articles (Content Source Index) 3)
NIST.html NIST logo.jpg.jpeg
National Institute of Standards and Technology (Articles (Content Source Index) 4)
Biomed.central.html BMC logo.jpg.jpeg
NLM.html 250px-NLM logo.gif.jpeg
National Library of Medicine (Articles (Content Source Index) 6)
CEC.html CEClogo.gif.jpeg
California Energy Commission (Articles (Content Source Index) 7)
MPA.html National MPA logo.jpg.jpeg
National Marine Protected Areas Center (Articles (Content Source Index) 8)
CDC.html CDC logo.gif.jpeg
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Articles (Content Source Index) 9)
NMS.html NMS Logo.gif.jpeg
National Marine Sanctuaries (Articles (Content Source Index) 10)
CIA.html 200px-CIA logo.jpg.jpeg
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Articles (Content Source Index) 11)
NOAA.html 150px-Noaa logo.jpg.jpeg
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Articles (Content Source Index) 12)
Crs.html CRS.gif.jpeg
Congressional Research Service (Articles (Content Source Index) 13)
NSIDC.html Nsidc logo.jpg.jpeg
National Snow and Ice Data Center (Articles (Content Source Index) 14)
CBD.html CBD logo.gif.jpeg
Convention on Biological Diversity (Articles (Content Source Index) 15)
OSHA.html OSHA logo.gif.jpeg
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Articles (Content Source Index) 16)
DOE.html 200px-DOE logo.gif.jpeg
Department of Energy (Articles (Content Source Index) 17)
PPPL.html PPPL Logo.gif.jpeg
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (Articles (Content Source Index) 18)
EERE.html Eere logo.gif.jpeg
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (Articles (Content Source Index) 19)
USDA.html USDA Logo.jpg.jpeg
U.S. Department of Agriculture (Articles (Content Source Index) 20)
Eia.html EIA logo.jpg.jpeg
Energy Information Administration (Articles (Content Source Index) 21)
USFWS.html FWSlogo.gif.jpeg
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Articles (Content Source Index) 22)
EPA.html 150px-EPA logo.jpg.jpeg
Environmental Protection Agency (Articles (Content Source Index) 23)
USFS.html USFS logo.jpg.jpeg
FEMA.html FEMA logo.jpg.jpeg
Federal Emergency Management Agency (Articles (Content Source Index) 25)
USGS.html Usgs logo.jpg.jpeg
U.S. Geological Survey (Articles (Content Source Index) 26)
FAO.html FAO logo.gif.jpeg
Food and Agriculture Organization (Articles (Content Source Index) 27)
NRC.html NRC logo.jpg.jpeg
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Articles (Content Source Index) 28)
Green.facts.html GreenFacts logo.jpg.jpeg
United.nations.html 250px-UN-LOGO.png.jpeg
NASA.html Nasa-logo.gif.jpeg
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Articles (Content Source Index) 31)
UNDP.html Undp logo.jpg.jpeg
United Nations Development Programme (Articles (Content Source Index) 32)
NIOSH.html NIOSH logo.jpg.jpeg
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Articles (Content Source Index) 33)
Wikipedia.html Nohat-logo-nowords-bgwhite-200px.jpg.jpeg


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