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Personal relationship

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The phrase personal relationship characterises some sort of connection between two or more people; or possibly between a person and an animal.

It includes:

A friend of a friend of someone may well be a friend of him or her, there is some transitivity. However, if two people have a sexual relationship with the same person, they may well be competitors rather than friends. Accordingly, sexual behavior with the sexual partner of a friend may well damage the friendship.

In a marriage or loving/sexual relationship there is often, but not always, an implicit or explicit agreement that the partners will not have sex with someone else. The extent to which physical intimacy with other people is accepted may vary. For example, a man may accept more physical intimacy between his wife and a female friend of her than if it is a male friend. (See also jealousy.)

The rise of individualism and of psychology may have led to the explosion of concern about one's personal relationships (or, in popular parlance, simply: "relationships"). Modern popular culture expects relationships to exist and to become laden with depth and meaningfulness. Pair-bonded sexual relationships receive particular attention in this context, but sociology recognises many other inter-personal links of greater or less duration and/or significance.

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