Spin-off of Project Bookshelf

What are your favorite books? Make a shelf of them!

1. This program only displays one book. Make an array of books (at least two of them), and use a loop to display a row of them.

2. Add an author property to each book, and display the author below the title.

3. Add a new property to each object to store a color, using the color command, and use that to fill each book differently. (Or maybe store an image?)

4. Add a boolean property to each book (like whether you would recommend it to friends), and use a conditional inside the loop to draw something different depending on whether the boolean is true or false.

5. Now add more books, and use the loop to draw more shelves down the canvas. Think about how you can use conditionals and/or the % operator to do that.

Don't want to make a bookshelf? You could also make a shelf of videos or video games, or re-create the home screen of your smartphone.