Challenge Number Analyzer
Play with the number

Our goal for this challenge is to write a number analyzer program that: displays the number assigned to theNumber, and draws a rectangular outline to show whether theNumber is positive, negative or zero.

Remember that:
- Positive numbers are numbers that are larger than zero
- Negative numbers are numbers that are smaller than zero
- Zero isn't positive and it also isn't negative. The only number that is zero is zero.

Right now, the outline is drawn around ''It's positive'' to show that 100 is positive (because 100 is larger than zero), but our program is not very smart yet. If we change the number, assigned to theNumber, to a number that is not positive, then ''It's positive'' will still be outlined (even though it won't be true anymore), but the correct text (''It's negative'' or ''It's zero'') will not be outlined.

Read through the code now, and then change the number assigned to theNumber to prove that it's not very smart (yet!)

Var theNumber = ----;