Use the word in brackets to create a new word that fits into the blank.
The Rise of Cars

Gap-fill exercise

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Cars have given us freedom. We can go wherever we want to go, r (EVER) we want to go. They have
also brought us (DEPEND). We don’t have to make compromises or take into
(CONSIDER) where other people want to travel. Cars provide us with a personalised transport
(SOLVE) that’s always available. But they have also changed the world we live in (DRAMATIC).

If you had to consider the impact of cars on your town, you would probably think of traffic jams and the
(DIFFICULT) of getting around in the rush hour. Or maybe you would think about
(POLLUTE) and how (POISON) fumes destroy buildings and roads. But you might not think about
any of these things at all.

People buy more and more cars while roads keep getting (WIDE) to cope with the
(INCREASE) amount of traffic. Cars are everywhere. They invade (FORMER) green spaces: lawns,
flowerbeds or trees that used to line the roads. (PAVE) and streets become thin strips along the
front of buildings, further narrowed by (PARK) cars that invade the last remaining inches of
pedestrian space.

We all enjoy the facilities that shopping malls and (ENTERTAIN) complexes bring us, because
we can use our cars to get there. They are efficient, (CONVIENIENCE) and fast. At the same time
we are (SAD) by the (LOSE) of our local grocery stores, as well as beautiful houses and
community centres. What we must realise is that these changes go hand in hand, and we are to blame.

Preferring our (FREE) to sharing transport with others, we get into our cars to get to our workplaces,
do our shopping, or to go out to the theatre. Many people would even drive to go for a walk in the fields. And
wherever we drive, we have to park too. Parking spaces are huge areas of land used up by empty cars
(WAIT) for hours for their passengers to return. What used to be a vast (GRASS) meadow now
becomes a small muddy field, crisscrossed by tire tracks of several vehicles. Cars are changing the
(SCAPE). It will never be like it used to be again.