Fill in the correct tense !
Love for trains

Gap-fill exercise

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Herbie loves trains ! He first (SEE) a train when he was five years old and he WAS (BE) absolutely fascinated. He
(GO) to a different train station every week and (WRITE) down the engine number of every train he sees.
He (DO) this since he was seven. By the time he left school he (COLLECT) over
5000 different engine numbers from all over the world.

At one time, while he (STAND) at a station he (SEE) something very strange. He
(WAIT) for a train for an hour when he suddenly SAW (SEE) an old steam locomotive coming down the tracks. It (NOT STOP) at the station and when it (PASS) Herbie saw that all the passengers
(WEAR) old-fashioned clothes.

He told the station manager about this, but the manager said that no steam locomotive (PASS) through the
station for years, and that the last one (CRASH) , killing everyone on board.