Choose the correct tense for each sentence !

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
1 After Jonathan his degree, she intends to work in an office. (will finish – will have finished –
finished – is finishing)
2 Lola looked down to discover a snake at her feet. When she saw it she
(screamed – was screaming – had
screamed - screams)
3 I borrowed four books on gardening the last time I to the library. go – went – had gone – have gone
4 By the time I go to bed tonight I my work for the day. (will finish – have finished – will have
finished - finish)
5 Mark Twain up in a small town in Mississippi. (was growing up – had grown up –
grew up – has grown up)
6 When my parents tomorrow, they will see our new baby for the
first time.
(will arrive – arrive – will have arrived –
7 Until you learn how to take a break, you your ability to
speak English.
(haven’t improved – aren’t improving –
don’t improve – won’t improve)
8 My grandfather in an airplane before, so this is his first
(never flies – had never flown – has
never flown – never flew)
9 I in this city since I was a small child. (have been living – am living – had
been living – lived)
10 While I last night a small mouse ran across the room. (watched – have watched – watch –
was watching)
11 Jane isn’t here yet. I since noon but there is no sign of
(have waited – am writing – wait –
have been waiting)
12 By the time my brother finally graduated from high school, he seven different schools.
(attended – was attending – had
attended – had been attending)
13 On June 20th I returned home. I for almost two years. (was away -have been away – am away
– had been away)
14 When I got to the party, many people .
(were already dancing – already
danced – had already danced – have
already danced.)
15 Before I started the car, all of the passengers their seat
(will buckle – will have buckled – had
buckled – buckle)
16 Right now we a heat wave. It’s been so hot for almost a
(have – have had – have been having –
are having)
17 When I go and see the doctor this afternoon I him to take a look
at my throat. (will ask – asked – will have asked – ask)
18 I sent you the money almost a week ago but I still any
(hadn’t received – didn’t receive –
haven’t received – am not receiving)
19 After they the race the celebrations began. won – have won -win – had won
20 Our football team a football match until last season,
when the new coach came.
(never wins – has never won – had
never won – never won)
21 I all the questions correctly since I began the course. (had answered – have been answering
– have answered – answered)
22 It’s against the law to kill whales. They extinct. (have become – become – became –
are becoming)
23 Jim, why don’t you take some time off. You too hard
(are working – were working – had
been working – have been working)
24 Next month I have a week’s vacation. I on going on a trip to
the Rockies.
(am planning – have planned – will plan
-will be planning)
25 I’ll be right with you as soon as I my keys. (will find – found – find – will have