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It is that in north Wales 30 per cent of all jobs can be directly attributed to tourism, but the fact that visitors spend their money in a of ways has a beneficial effect on other things too. Many village shops would have to close if they were not supported by from tourists, and the money spent on local souvenirs can local industries from going out of business.

, tourism also has disadvantages. For example, many of the roads in the Snowdonia area are extremely and tourist cars cause traffic jams. Some farmers and local merchants that they make it difficult for them to do their work as car parks full up during periods and many visitors cause obstructions by parking across gateways etc..

In addition, in the summer, thousands of people use the of footpaths across Snowdon and its foothills. Often the grassy is worn away, leaving rough stone or mud. This makes the path hard to see, and it can be dangerous to walk on. Repairing the paths can be very expensive, particularly higher up where is difficult.

Nevertheless, the appeal of areas of natural to visitors has led to the growth of many
organizations dedicated to reducing or balancing these . Many parts of the country now operate conservation schemes, supported by voluntary contributions. In some , tourist operators have set up their own organizations and put back money into the community by making to local conservation projects.

1. guessed – estimated – shown – predicted
2. selection – choice - variety – difference
3. fortune – income – wages – wealth
4. prevent – damage – avoid – hurt
5. luckily – finally – generally – unfortunately
6. thin – narrow – slim – slender
7. decide – explain – complain – choose
8. busy – important – economic – tiring
9. connection – organization – union - network
10. level - surface – height – exterior
11. admission – entry – permission - access
12. love – adoration - beauty – shine
13. drawbacks – victories – defeats – occupations
14. locations –landscapes – countrysides - scenes
15. fees - donations – fines – compensations