The Bank of England Museum

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1 The museum is being housed within the Bank of England itself, right at the
2 heart of the City of London. It traces the history of the Bank from its
3 beginnings in 1694 to the high-tech world of modern banking jobs.

4 There are gold bars dating from old ancient times as well as coins and a unique
5 collection of banknotes. Such other items include Roman pottery and mosaics,
6 uncovered when the bank was rebuilt in the 1930s. On the display are
7 documents relating to the Duchess of Marlborough and George Washington ,
8 both former customers of the world bank.

9 The Bank Stock Office, was a late eighteenth-century banking hall designed
10 by the great English architect Sir John Soane, has been reconstructed and
11 interactive videos give visitors themselves the opportunity of looking behind the
12 doors of the nation’s single central bank. Live news and information about
13 securities and foreign currency is often given at a dealing desk, which is
14 identical to those in daily use in the Bank. There, visitors can imagine
15 themselves in the world of high finance money