My Home Town
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Gap-fill exercise

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1 My home town is a small village in the southern Alps of France called
2 Montpasse. In the past days most people were farmers but today people earn
3 their living from tourism and small businesses. Montpasse is being a pretty
4 town with an old castle and wonderful views of the mountains. The sun
5 shines the most days, even in winter when the weather is perfect for skiing.

6 It is a wonderful place how to grow up as a child. There are fields of corn
7 where children can play and beautifully clear streams and rivers just outside
8 the town where do you see fish jumping out of the water. On a hot summer’s
9 day the cool water of those streams and rivers is looking like an oasis. My
10 favorite childhood memories are of such afternoons with my friends. The
11 winter sports are fantastic too and a pair of skis is all you need for hours of
12 fun. I haven’t been back to my village for over a while but all I do is think
13 of home. I can taste the fresh air and feel out the gentle wind.

14 I am living in England often now because of my job. I would love to go home
15 this summer and spend long carefree days by the river. I have not the money;
16 it’s a question of finding the time to get away. I suppose we all miss the place
17 we grew up in and we even want to go back some time.