English No Longer the World Language?

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English No Longer the World Language?

Many children in school all over America are taking language courses in Chinese. The concept is easy. On one day they learn everything in English and the next they to Chinese.

It is an to learn languages when you are young because small children up the language and use it in situations. Chinese has become so that even want to parents Chinese courses.

Because of China’s growing economy and , Chinese has become a language many people want to learn. In the United States about 50,000 students from kindergarten to eighth are taking Chinese, to only 5,000 in 2004. About 100 million people worldwide are studying Chinese as a second language.

The Chinese has a started a number of Confucius Institutes to the Chinese language and the country’s culture. Currently there are such institutes in over 60 countries. 2,000 students have the program in the last two years.

In the Philippines people think that learning Chinese will allow them to get better in the future. As more and more Chinese travel to other countries as tourists or on , people who can speak Chinese have an advantage over others.

In Panama one government official has even thought about making Chinese compulsory in schools, however it is so hard to get enough teachers to teach Chinese.

In the future Mandarin Chinese might not English as the world’s number one language but because China is further it will become an important language.