Africa Rising

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Africa Rising is a documentary of the problems of people in the
countries of Africa. It shows how a large rural area in Ethiopia takes
matters into its own hands to fight .

Ethiopia is a potentially country with enormous resources. However,
the failure of Western towards Africa has been causing famine and
in eastern Africa. The film shows that the West must rethink its role in
helping the continent.

In the Sodo region of Ethiopia, schools have been abandoned; in other areas
there is no care and people must travel for hours to reach the nearest
doctor or hospital. The whole region is dominated by areas of dry and
land where the soil has been washed away.

Western governments and aid agencies thought they had the to the
problem: pouring billions and billions of dollars in into the region with
practically no lasting results. Much of the money ends up in the pockets of
foreign aid workers or in of banks far away from the region.

The documentary shows how the of Sodo started helping themselves.
Twenty men and women were taught new skills, like dam construction,
bricklaying, micro banking, raising and planting new . Each of
these people passed on their to twenty others - and those twenty
followers to twenty more. Within a short period, tens of thousands of were
growing cash crops for the first time, or digging irrigation systems to stop erosion
and the washing away of soil after .

In short, the documentary shows the extraordinary story of one of the
most disadvantaged regions of the world.