Important Information

The LibraryNet resource currently has over 1,200,000 files and uses its own search engine. It covers subjects as diverse as astronomy and genome analysis and beer making...!!!

To use this resource efficiently you will need to have good idea of what precisely you wish to locate. Any topic which requires the analysis of data as well as science topics
have all the software needed, However, as we are referring to advanced university research topics and data, the vast majority of this software is in UNIX which is the standard OS
for the scientific community.

It needs a PC and NOT a laptop to run the OS correctly but even an old pentium maching with 512MB memory is more than sufficient and we have included suitable versions
of scientific LINUX within the downloads section of swalinet. If you are not farmiliar with UNIX type operating systems, in particular, working at the command prompt, there are
various books to assist within the system.

When searching for past exam papers, DO NOT use terms like 'exam' or 'english exam', rather use something like '2006 english papers' or 'maths grade 1 papers'. Likewise, with books,
plays, poetry etc, try to search something like 'wordsworth', 'shakespear', 'author mansfield', 'title call wild', 'neuro papers', 'musical scores mozart' or whatever. There are over 30,000
titles in various formats and over 15,000 musical scores including practice pieces and full scores...

Head subjects are as follows:-

Astronomy includes Databases, Images, Programs, Sat-elam, Solar rep and text documents which includes SEA files

Aviation inludes pictures of aircraft from around the world

Computer aided engineering includes AMD, DSP, ICT, Micro processors, MOT, MSDOS, NS, Spice, TI, VHDL

Computing includes archive commodore, irc and networking

Culture includes Beer, Chinese, Finnish, Indian, Japan, Music, Occult

Docs includes Acts, Athena, Bible, Charsets, Charsets.d, CMU-depot, C-style, Depot, Dictionaries, Flpf, Freelore, Fun, FUNET, Fusion, Games, Genealogy, Hardware,
Humour, Iflp, IOCCC, Language, Law, Library, Literary (includes books, plays, poetry etc.), Lyhty, Martial arts, Miscellaneous, Netinfo, Occult, Old, Ora (IT Books), OS, Patents, Plays, Poetry, Politics, POSIX, Programming,
Religion, SCSI, Security, Telecoms, Traffic, UCSC, Unix, UU, Wikipedia and World

1000 Genome (part)

Music pipe organs

Nature includes Deepsea, Fossiles, Plants, Other

Papers includes past national exam papers and marking guides

Railways includes pictures of all things trains from around the world

Science includes Artificial intelligence, Audio, Biology, Chemistry, Electrical, Forest, Geological, Graphics, Library, Linguistics, Math, Miscellaneous,
Molecular Biology, Neural networks, Papers, Parallel processing, Physics, Psychologial, Simulation and systems.

Sports includes programes, FAQ, Games, Hockey, Major league baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, Pesapallo, Racing, Shooting and Soccer

Wikipedia covers:-

Philosophy and Mathematical and Natural Sciences includes:-

Astronomy and astrophysics - Biology - Chemistry - Computer science - Earth science - Mathematics - Philosophy - Physics - Statistics

Applied Arts and Sciences includes:-

Agriculture - Architecture - Business and industry - Communication - Education - Engineering - Family and consumer science - Health science - Law - Library and information science - Public affairs - Software engineering - Technology - Transport

Social Sciences includes:-

Anthropology - Archaeology - Economics - Geography - History - History of science and technology - Language - Linguistics - Mythology - Political science - Psychology - Sociology

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